Hoejer Internationale Traeskulptur Symposium




1. THE INTERNATIONAL WOOD SCULPTURE SYMPOSIUM is organised by the “Foreningen for Hoejer Internationale Traeskulptur Symposium”, Skolegade 1, DK - 6280 Hoejer in Denmark. 2. Each sculptor will be provided with an oak trunk of approximately 180 cm x 60 cm Ø. Out of this oak trunk the sculptor can make 1 or 2 sculptures. We will try to invite 6 artists who will make 1 sculpture and 6 artists who will make 2 sculptures of the oak trunk. The sculptures are to be carried out by one artist only. Each sculpture will be regarded as single.


3. Each participating artist must bring own tools including a power saw. Only artists coming from other countries but Europe will be supplied with a power saw. The electricity supply (220 volt) and shelter in case of rain will be provided by the organisers, adapters will be available.


4. Placing of each artist as well as which oak trunk, he or she will get, will be drawn for by lot at the beginning of the symposium.


5. The artist works outside at his/her own risk. The working time will be from 08.00 h - 18.00 h.


6. The use of chainsaws and other noisy machines will only be permitted between 09.00 h - 12.00 h and 13.00 h - 17.00 h.


7. The sculptures must be fashioned from the allocated piece of oak wood. It is allowed to use other materials, brought to the site of the sculptor him/herself. You cannot expect any help from the organisers to find or make these other materials. It is not allowed to move the oak trunk from the allocated stand.


8. The motif of the sculptures is at the artist's own option. There will be some sculptures made as commissioned work. Please mark in the application form if you are able to do a commissioned work after a picture or a sketch.


9. The sculptures created belong to the organizers. Each participating artist will be paid an amount of DKK 500 upon arrival and € 550,- by departure time. The artists are obliged to be available for photographing at the sculptures without payment. All the sculptures will be given away or sold, possibly at an auction at the end of the symposium.


10. The “Foreningen for Hoejer Internationale Traeskulptur Symposium” will invite about 15 sculptors to participate.


11. The right to all records, films or photographs (including internet) for commercial purpose is reserved for the “Foreningen for Hoejer Internationale Traeskulptur Symposium”.


12. Please send us your application form before 12th January 2017.


13. A sketch from 3 sides in A4 size (210 x 297 mm) or photos of the proposed sculptur(es) must be enclosed with the application form, as the selection will exclusively be made out from your proposal(s). A short description of the sculptures would be appreciated. Applications without illustrations will not be accepted. Only send the proposal(s) you want to make.


14. The symposium in Hoejer will be open from Saturday 17th June 2017 at 12.00 o'clock until Sunday 25th June 2017 at 14.00 o'clock.


15. Free board and lodging for the participating artists will be provided by the organizers. Personal extras, telephone, drinks etc. will be at the participating artist's own account. Accommodation is reserved from the day before the start of the symposium and till the day after ending the symposium.


16. Please inform us of the names of any people who may accompany you, (on a limited scale there will be accommodations for companions). The companion(s) will have to pay for his/her own board and lodging.


Adults: Price for board and lodging, DKK 2.000,-.

Children: Price for board and lodging, DKK 1.000,-.